The Pack is Back!

The Pack is Back, but this year is going to be a bit different. We obviously can’t have the big, rowdy crowds of seasons past, but we still want to provide you with a fun, safe, and belly filling experience. Here’s how that works in a COVID world:

Our capacity is still limited to 50%, which unfortunately means whether we have people inside or out, we can’t have more than 40 people. The good news for those 40 people is that we’ll be able to provide you with some amazing service. We’ve added additional outdoor seating and more TV’s to the experience. All indoor seating has spacing that exceeds 6′ from other tables and we expect those indoors to stay masked unless they are actively eating or drinking.

So far, the easiest way for us to ensure that we aren’t going to be exceeding capacity this coming Sunday will be by reserving your spot. Each seat costs $5 to reserve, but comes with a grilled meal. You do have to reserve an entire table, with some of them seating 2, 3 or 4. Below is a map showing where each table is (the green lines indicate where TV’s are/will be placed for watching the game).

Online reservation is availabe here:

This is the plan for this week (Packers vs Vikings, 9/13). As with all things 2020, it’s subject to, and probably will change.

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