Puddler’s Hall stands proudly as Milwaukee’s second oldest tavern as shown in this article on OnMilwaukee.com.  The building was built in 1872, and by 1873 it was established as a union hall for the Puddlers and Boilers of the nearby Milwaukee Iron Company.  It would serve as Bay View’s major meeting place for decades, being used for concerts, lectures, meetings, and celebrations.
In September of 1892 it was sold by the Puddlers and Boilers’ Union to the Falk Young and Borchert Brewing Co.  The Falk brewing company experienced a devastating fire, and was forced to sell all of it’s assets to Pabst Brewing Company.  By November of 1892 Puddler’s Hall had become a Pabst Brewing Company tavern.  It would remain a Pabst tavern until the dark years of US history(Prohibition).  By 1921 Puddler’s Hall had been sold to Frank and Mary Barbieri.  That same year, the additional dance hall area was built.  For years it would serve as Barbieri’s Dance Hall (and rumored to be a speakeasy with a hidden tunnel), and remained with the Barbieri family until 1979.  Between 1979 and today, the tavern has had a number of names, such as Potter’s Inn, Mardee’s Party, and the Bay View Band Wagon.  As a honor to the history of the building, Tim Capper renamed the tavern to Puddler’s Hall in 2002.  In 2011, after a short closure, Puddler’s Hall was reopened by Casey Foltz.
Puddler’s Hall has the perfect room for your parties of up to 80 people.  Contact us to reserve the hall for your next party today.